One-Punch Man v01-v17 (2014-2019) (digital) (BlackManta-Empire+aKraa)

2019-08-13 19:02 UTC
File size:
5.4 GiB
Info hash:
#### No description.

File list

  • One-Punch Man v01-v17 (2014-2019) (digital) (BlackManta-Empire+aKraa)
    • One-Punch Man v01 (2014) (Digital) (F) (BlackManta-Empire).cbr (273.0 MiB)
    • One-Punch Man v02 (2014) (Digital) (F) (BlackManta-Empire).cbr (265.9 MiB)
    • One-Punch Man v03 (2014) (Digital) (F) (BlackManta-Empire).cbr (263.5 MiB)
    • One-Punch Man v04 (2014) (Digital) (F) (BlackManta-Empire).cbr (250.7 MiB)
    • One-Punch Man v05 (2014) (Digital) (F) (BlackManta-Empire).cbr (281.3 MiB)
    • One-Punch Man v06 (2015) (Digital) (BlackManta-Empire).cbr (245.9 MiB)
    • One-Punch Man v07 (2015) (Digital) (BlackManta-Empire).cbr (298.3 MiB)
    • One-Punch Man v08 (2015) (Digital) (BlackManta-Empire).cbr (229.7 MiB)
    • One-Punch Man v09 (2016) (Digital) (BlackManta-Empire).cbr (246.7 MiB)
    • One-Punch Man v10 (2016) (Digital) (BlackManta-Empire).cbr (258.0 MiB)
    • One-Punch Man v11 (2016) (Digital) (BlackManta-Empire).cbr (281.7 MiB)
    • One-Punch Man v12 (2017) (F) (digital) (aKraa).cbz (472.5 MiB)
    • One-Punch Man v13 (2018) (F) (digital) (aKraa).cbz (504.0 MiB)
    • One-Punch Man v14 (2018) (F) (digital) (aKraa).cbz (477.6 MiB)
    • One-Punch Man v15 (2019) (F) (digital) (aKraa).cbz (485.9 MiB)
    • One-Punch Man v16 (2019) (F) (digital) (aKraa).cbz (426.8 MiB)
    • One-Punch Man v17 (2019) (digital) (aKraa).cbz (289.7 MiB)
Thanks for the Update
aKraa, What was the issue with the previous v12 to v16? And Thank you so much for the new v17 :D

aKraa (uploader)

v12-v15 were lossy, v16 has an updated naming scheme.
**@aKraa:** What client do you use? Whenever I use BitTorrent to download one of your releases it never allows DHT, Local Peer Discovery or Peer Exchange. (works in qBittorrent though)
One Punch Man Goodness :)
Thanks for your work, any reason v16 is 2250x3375 instead of 2037x3056 and will you release v17 in higher quality later on?
Was wondering if you had scans of certain pages from volumes, like how there's sometimes other coloured pages at the start or end. For example, Volume 15 should have a page of Sonic in the bathroom. I was just wondering if you had scans of that because it's hard to find those images elsewhere, or at least in good quality. Was also wondering if you'll be updating this/uploading a new one once Volume 18 comes out in December? Thanks.

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